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Female Incontinence Specialist

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If you’re tired of being embarrassed by unexpected bladder leaks, know that you don’t have to live life like that any longer. Urinary incontinence affects 15 million women in the United States and thanks to innovative treatments, like Botox® and bladder sling surgery, you won’t have to suffer from urinary leaks for a lifetime. At Aventura OB/GYN & Associates in Miami and Hallandale, Florida, the skilled medical team can diagnose and treat your urinary incontinence issues to restore your quality of life. Learn more about treating female incontinence issues by scheduling an appointment online or by phone.

Female Incontinence Q & A

What causes female incontinence?

The loss of bladder control affects both men and women. However, as a woman, you may be at increased risk for bladder leaks as the result of the hormonal fluctuations of menopause and the strain of childbirth.

There are three main types of incontinence:

Stress incontinence: urine leaks are the result of common physical activities that put pressure on the bladder, including laughing, sneezing, coughing, and sexual intercourse

Urge incontinence: often the result of bladder weakness or overactive bladder activity and causes a frequent need to urinate, or difficulties making it to the toilet in time

Mixed incontinence: bladder control issues that have symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence

Female incontinence may also be the result of nerve problems or chronic disease or disorders. At Aventura OB/GYN, your doctor performs comprehensive diagnostics to determine the primary cause of your incontinence issues.

How is female incontinence diagnosed?

Your doctor discusses your health history and frequency of leaks to evaluate what type of incontinence issues you experience.

To rule out other underlying medical conditions, he or she performs a pelvic exam and may also order a urine sample and imaging tests, like ultrasounds, to identify infections or other abnormalities.

What treatments are available for female incontinence?

Initially, your Aventura OB/GYN doctor may recommend keeping a bladder diary that provides a better understanding of your symptoms. Your doctor may also suggest bladder training exercises to strengthen your muscles. You can wear absorbent pads to protect your clothing and prevent embarrassing accidents.

If these therapies aren’t effective, your doctor may prescribe medications to calm an overactive bladder or topical estrogens to help rejuvenate your vaginal region to better support your bladder.

Botox injections are also available to treat incontinence. These injections are effective at temporarily paralyzing overactive bladder symptoms causing urine leaks. Your doctor may recommend Botox injections only if other medications and therapies are not helping control leaks.

If surgical intervention is necessary to control urine leakage, your doctor can perform a sling procedure. Using your body’s tissue or a synthetic mesh, your doctor creates a sling around your urethra and the muscle that connects it to your bladder. The sling is effective at keeping the urethra closed, especially during sudden stressful movements, such as sneezing.

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