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IUD Placement Specialist

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If you choose an IUD as your preferred method of birth control, rest assured that the experienced gynecologists at Aventura OB/GYN & Associates in Miami and Hallandale, Florida can help. As experienced IUD placement specialists, the team of doctors can perform a safe and accurate IUD placement using the most advanced technology available. To schedule an IUD placement, book an appointment online or by calling the office directly.

IUD Placement Q & A

What is an IUD?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a form of birth control your doctor inserts directly into your uterus. The IUD is a T-shaped device made from flexible plastic and its small ends attach to your uterus to hold the IUD into place.

There are two types of available IUDs:

Copper IUD

This device contains copper, which stimulates your uterus to produce fluids that are toxic to sperm. It also stops the sperm from reaching the egg. Copper IUDs, like ParaGard®, are hormone-free and effective at preventing pregnancy for up to 10 years before your doctor needs to replace it.

Hormonal IUD

Hormonal IUDs contain the progestin hormone, which thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. This type of device can also stop ovulation to prevent pregnancy. Popular brands of hormonal IUDs include Mirena® and Kyleena®. The length of pregnancy prevention depends on the brand of IUD, with most offering 3-6 years of protection before it needs a replacement.

Which type of IUD is right for me?

If you can’t tolerate hormones, the copper IUD may be a better choice. If you are prone to painful cramps during your period, your doctor may recommend a hormonal IUD.

Both types of IUDs are very effective in protecting you from unintended pregnancy. Your doctor reviews your health history to determine which type of IUD is best for your needs.

What can I expect during an IUD placement?

At Aventura OB/GYN & Associates, your doctor performs an IUD placement in a comfortable office environment and may use a local anesthetic to prevent discomfort.

Your doctor widens your vaginal canal using a speculum device to provide access to your uterus and secure the IUD into place. The tail of the IUD remains in the vaginal canal and allows you to periodically check that the IUD is still in place.

While it’s uncommon, an IUD can fall out. You should check its position often, especially before sexual intercourse, to keep you well-protected from an unintended pregnancy.

The doctors at Aventura OB/GYN & Associates are experts in IUD placements and provide you with both IUD placement services and regular monitoring of your birth control to ensure you’re in good health.

Schedule an IUD placement appointment online or by phone with the experts at Aventura OB/GYN & Associates.

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